No More Heroes Creator Suda51 Has Talked With Marvel About Working On A Game

By Wesley LeBlanc

It’s no surprise when a video game developer says they want to make a Marvel game. Marvel is chock full of exciting super villains and heroes to explore in video games, and the different abilities and powers of each make for some exciting gameplay. One only needs to look at titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man to see that. However, No More Heroes creator Suda51 recently told Japanese publication Automaton that he’s met with Marvel to talk about working on a game, as reported by Video Games Chronicle. Of course, this doesn’t mean Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture, which NetEase recently acquired, are working on a Marvel game, so don’t get too excited just yet. 

When asked about Grasshopper Manufacture’s plans to release three original IP games over the next ten years, Suda51 reiterated this desire but also mentioned the idea of maybe making a Marvel game. 

“The first thing we’re going to do is create original IP,” Suda51 told Automaton, as translated by VGC. “Until now, we’ve worked with publishers who have their own IPs, and we’ve been given the budget to make them on commission. For independent studios, this is often the case. From now on, we’d like to create three new IPs and launch them one by one. However, we have also said that we would like to make IPs that are based on attractive original works, if there are any. I think that will depend on discussions we have with Marvel Studios. If Marvel Studios comes up with something good, we’ll think about it.” 

“I’m sorry, I was saying that from the top down, I’m just kidding,” he continued. “But we’ve had a few meetings with Marvel, and we’ve talked about the possibility of working together on something. We hope that the power of video games will help boost these opportunities.” 

So there you have it – Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture have met with Marvel. Here’s hoping those discussions went well because we’d love to see what a Marvel game developed by the developer of No More Heroes 3 would look and play like. 

For more, check out our thoughts on Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest in Game Informer’s No More Heroes 3 review and then read about how NetEase acquired Grasshopper Manufacture. Check out Game Informer’s breakdown of Grasshopper Manufacture’s history after that. 

[Source: Automaton via Video Games Chronicle]

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals Hisuian Final Evolutions For Starters, Without Actually Showing Them

By Wesley LeBlanc

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is out in just a few days, and Nintendo has released yet another trailer, this time revealing some interesting information about the three starters we’ll be using come Friday. More specifically, each starter has a final Hisuian evolutionary form. Don’t worry – we’re not going to spoil what they look like here because, well, we can’t. Nintendo didn’t reveal the appearance of these new evolutionary forms, instead opting to tease this new information in today’s trailer. 

“You may have met Dartrix, Quilava, and Dewott in your other adventures,” the trailer’s description reads. “But you’ve never encountered their Hisui region Evolutions.” 

If you watch the two-minute trailer, you won’t be seeing these Hisui region evolutions either. Instead, Nintendo teases their appearances by showing the second evolutionary lines begin to evolve, only to obscure their final form images with smoke and a cheeky fade to black. You can briefly (and only kinda) see a silhouette of each form but rest assured, the full look of each is not revealed in the trailer. 

Elsewhere in the trailer, which is oddly dubbed “Hisuian. Final. Starter. Evolutions.”, we see a whole lot of gameplay. There’s new looks at some Pokémon in the wild, another look at the Noble Kleavor Pokémon fight, some footage of in-game traversal by way of Basculin and Braviary, and more. Then we get the brief Hisui evolution tease before the trailer switches to some cartoon-like animation that reveals a forthcoming eruption out of Stark Mountain. 

We’ll learn about that eruption, these Hisui evolution forms, and more when Pokémon Legends: Arceus hits Switch this Friday on January 28. While waiting for its release, read about how copies of Pokémon Legends: Arceus are out in the wild, meaning you should be wary of spoilers, and then check out this gameplay preview of Pokémon Legends: Arceus for a look at what to expect on Friday. After that, look into Game Informer’s list of every Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. 

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Fortnite: New Pizza Party Item Restores Health And Shield Mid-Match

By Wesley LeBlanc

There really is nothing better than pizza, and Epic Games has made it clear that this is true with a new Pizza Party box item that’s been scattered around the Fortnite island. Added with today’s v19.10 hotfix, Pizza Party boxes consist of eight “surprisingly nutritious” slices of hot and fresh Slurpshroom Pizza. These pizzas come courtesy of the new Pizza Pit in Tilted Towers, although who knows how their pizza ended up scattered across the entire island. 

“Find Pizza Party boxes scattered throughout the island, then throw one down for an instant feast with the squad – literally throw a party. These boxes of Slurpshroom Pizza contain eight surprisingly nutritious slices – eat them to restore Health and Shield simultaneously until you get 100 Health and 50 Shield.” 

You can also eat slices right from the boxes or save some to use later. This could be especially helpful for squadmates who are on their own or lone wolves ignoring the team play aspect of certain Fortnite modes. Pizza Party boxes can be found in chests, supply drops, loot llamas, and on the ground. You can also purchase some from Tomatohead using Bars.

Epic Games says these items are not currently in competitive playlists but could be after being subjected to an evaluation period, like most items introduced to the battle royale. 

News of this pizza party item comes as various rumors about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joining Fortnite continue to swirl. Perhaps this pizza is a way to lure them to the battle royale island or perhaps we’re just stuck in the land of wishful thinking (TMNT would be such a cool crossover, right?). Only time will tell.

For now, read about how an update earlier this month brought tornadoes and lightning to Fortnite, and then check out these dinosarus that made their way to the game alongside the return of Tilted Towers. Take a look at the new Hawkeye and Kate Bishop skins from Marvel’s Hawkeye now in Fortnite after that.  

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Dead By Daylight: New Saw Crossover Puts Jigsaw Front And Center

By Wesley LeBlanc

Behaviour Interactive has announced that in collaboration with Lionsgate Films, it is bringing more Saw content to the Dead by Daylight universe, including Jigsaw. This news comes by way of IGN, which revealed that Jigsaw will be featured in Dead by Daylight’s new Archives Tome 10: Saw event. This Tome will go live on all platforms where you can play Dead by Daylight on January 26. 

According to IGN, players will explore the memories of Amanda Young and Detective Tapp from Lionsgate’s Saw movies to unlock the “Book of Saw Collection.” Plus, players will be able to unlock new rewards in the form of outfits for Young and Tapp, and 60 new cosmetics for their own character. 

“Over and above our primary objective of providing our fans with fun and continuously renewed content, one of our goals when integrating a powerful movie franchise such as Saw is to invite a larger community into the Dead by Daylight universe,” director Mathieu Côté told IGN. “We’re truly grateful to our partner Lionsgate for offering us this opportunity.” 

What’s interesting about this is that Saw-related content has already been featured in the multiplayer horror game by way of the Pig killer. Perhaps this means Behaviour Interactive is going to double-dip into other horror franchises it’s collaborated with in the past. 

While waiting for Jigsaw to join the game on January 26, read about the most recent DLC, Portrait of a Murder, that hit Dead by Daylight back in November, and then check out the teaser for the upcoming chapter based on The Ring. Read our thoughts on the game in Game Informer’s Dead by Daylight review after that. 

[Source: IGN]

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Apex Legends: Mad Maggie Revealed As New Legend Alongside New Limited-Time Mode

By Wesley LeBlanc

Respawn Entertainment released another Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands short today called Judgement, and it’s all about Mad Maggie, who also happens to be the new Legend joining the battle royale. The story begins with what appears to be a court case for Mad Maggie. Of course, she wasn’t really doing anything too wrong – she just did some things the Syndicate is not happy about, like getting food to the starving and more.

We then see Maggie outside, cuffed and surrounded by security. Seconds away from death by way of a firing squad, Maggie is spared by the Apex Games, which is where she’ll be competing as a form of punishment. Maggie is quite alright with this, though, and it’ll be up to players to determine how she plays in the battle royale. 

The official launch trailer for Mad Maggie and the Defiance season that kicks off with her joining the game will go live on January 27. Respawn also revealed a new limited-time mode called Control that will launch with the start of the Defiance season. 

“For the first three weeks of Defiance, see whether you can handle the madness in the new Control mode,” the Apex Legends website reads. “Select your loadout and drop into a 9v9 experience where teams battle to hold control points with infinite respawn.” 

We’ll learn more about Control and Mad Maggie later this week when the Defiance season trailer is released on January 27. While waiting for that, check out our thoughts on the game in Game Informer’s Apex Legends review and then find out why it’s on our list of the top 10 shooters to play right now. Be sure to watch this Apex Legends Bangalore short after that. 

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