Sniper Elite 5 – guess where this one’s set (pic: Rebellion)

The first pre-rendered trailer for Sniper Elite 5 focuses on Invasion Mode, where you hunt down other players as an enemy sniper.

It seems a long time since Rebellion first teased the existence of Sniper Elite 5, and it’s definitely been ages since the release of Sniper Elite 4 in 2017, but the hype is now starting to ramp up for the new game, starting with a CGI trailer.

Up until now the only thing we’ve seen of the game is a few screenshots, with some cryptic talk about Invasion Mode, where you get to invade other players’ games as an Axis sniper.

That obviously brings to mind Dark Souls but Sniper Elite has never been quite that hard, and there was also a similar sounding feature in the recent Deathloop.

The box art for the final game has also been released but there’s no clue as to when it’ll launch, just sometime this year. Although at this point publishers are wise not to be too specific about release dates until they’re certain they can make them.

Interestingly, the whole of the main game can be played in co-op and if you are with a friend then invasions are still possible, with the Axis player getting a major bonus if he takes out both Allies.

The invader gets to use other computer-controlled bad guys to hunt for the players, viewing their location on a map if they’ve been spotted recently and raising the overall awareness of ordinary grunts.

Allied snipers get to use ‘invasion phones’ which can reveal the invader’s location, except the phones can be boobytrapped and using them too much will give away your position.

If you don’t like the sound of all that you can just turn Invasion mode off and stick to just playing the game normally.

You will get an experience point boost just for having it on though, with all players involved able to win weapons, items, and skins if they take someone out.

Sniper Elite 5 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC in 2022.

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