Welcome to our monthly blog series featuring the latest content updates on Microsoft Learn. This month, we’re highlighting virtual events training in our Microsoft 365 portfolio.

Deliver engaging, accessible virtual events with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

Learn the fundamentals of delivering compelling events using Microsoft 365 technology. Designed for event organizers, producers, moderators, and attendees, this learning path covers the basics of how to:

  • Produce accessible and inclusive virtual events
  • Optimize event management
  • Design, present, moderate, and attend a virtual event in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365

Whether live or on-demand, virtual events offer a flexible venue for communicating with employees, customers, and partners. Get started now: Deliver engaging and accessible virtual events with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

Manage meetings and virtual events  

Manage meetings and virtual events experiences is an intermediate learning module geared toward the administrator role. If you understand the basic functional experience of Microsoft 365 services and are proficient with general IT practices—including using PowerShell—you’re ready to start this module.

By the end of this learning module, you will understand meetings and virtual events in Microsoft Teams and know how to:

  • Set up conference bridges
  • Manage meeting policies
  • Configure meeting settings
  • Manage Live events policies
  • Configure Live events settings
  • Explain Live events in Microsoft 365

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